The book market is a crowded one and authors need to keep looking for creative ways to make their books stand out.  There are steps that can be taken for you so your fiction can be noticed by a potential reader who probably has other fictional works begging for his attention. Here are three of them:

Create and Enhance your Author Website:

Your author website should give readers an opportunity to experience your personality and story settings. Your website should tell your reader all they need to know about you, it should give them an experience that will stick and make them long for your work. Use quality artwork and images to give glimpses of your story that will make the reader salivate even more. Also, avoid using bland languages and instead use fascinating text to tell readers about you from a dramatic point of view. Note that if your website is boring, they will assume your book is boring as well. Also, offer free content like unpublished short stories, video trailers, contests and tour dates. Fans love free stuff!

Newsletters Like Love Letters:

You know those jobsites that keep sending you mails and you really don’t know how to make them stop? Yes, this is something similar but a little less annoying. On your website, there can be a section where the reader can fill in his or her details to get regular updates from you. Now, instead of sending annoying mails making it all about you and your upcoming book, you can make it about them. How? Let your newsletter be reader-focused with articles, short stories, book previews, latest news, etc. Then chip in your book promotion. This means whenever they get a mail from you, they won’t ignore it because they know it is worth reading. You can add the social media promotion as well, but do not depend on that alone.

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Create That Reality Feel That Readers can Connect with:

Readers will connect more to your story when there is a feel of reality attached to it. Let your characters go through real live situations that are peculiar to your community and that your audience can relate with. Poverty, Domestic abuse, tribalism, religious battles, etc. Ask yourself how your characters will fair in today’s world and use that answer to show changes in the society that will make articles draw attention to your book. Jump on social trends, unsolved mysteries etc. Build your fiction around a truth that most people can relate to.


Samuel Ejedegba

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