Book marketing is one thing that is always on the mind of an author, but most authors feel like they can’t market their books without a large sum of money at hand and in the bank, which is not necessarily true! There are several ways to promote one’s book without having to break the bank, and some of the ways are listed below.  Read on…

  1. Tweet regularly about it. At least three times a week.
  2. Comment on threads of discussion on social media, and promote your book at the last paragraph of your comment.
  3. Use your book cover as your Facebook cover page and profile picture on other social media platforms.
  4. Create a post about your book on a Facebook business page and pin it to the top.
  5. Send emails to your list and tell people about your book and how to buy.
  6. Send WhatsApp broadcast messages and inform people on how to buy your book.
  7. Put a link to your book in your email signature (and if you’re a bestselling author, make sure you add that in the signature.)
  8. Get your book translated into one of the widely spoken languages in the world, such as Spanish or French to increase your sales reach.
  9. Do a book signing event.
  10. Promote your book on relevant blogs.
  11. Run a Google ad campaign.
  12. Create a Pinterest board for inspiration.
  13. Answer relevant book questions on Quora and add information about where people can purchase your book at the last paragraph.
  14. Tell everyone you meet about your book and where they can get it.
  15. Donate some of your books to relevant organizations.
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After you have exhausted ideas on how to market your book listed above, you can always research for more; and if you know of any that hasn’t been mentioned, please feel free to add to the list.

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